6 comments on “HELLO DARKNESS

  1. just lovely Robert … ‘your’ told sld be ‘you’re’ told. Sorry to be a grammar nazi but it’s such a lovely piece with this teeny something….

  2. Hi,

    How true. Without darkness, there would be no light and without harshness no one would know the difference between it and kindness. Sometimes we forget this as your poem so aptly points out. We seek the happy ever after never, never land here on earth and forget that many of us are people who refuse to love; instead we hate, and thus, we spread the darkness by not letting light come within us.

    I enjoyed thinking over your poem. There are some of your poems that come into my computer, and I see the title and know yes this is one where I must think it over and find its relationship to me.

    Thanks for sharing the words you encounter with us all.


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