7 comments on “Making a Path

  1. Love the poem. I love the song, too, one of my favorites. Also, nice artwork/design for this site. I like this. Such a well-kept secret. I will put up guideposts along the path for others to find your cove here along the path.

  2. Robert, at long last! Beautiful poem thank you – will share on FB.
    Somewhere I read that we make our path … no need to seek it, just make your own – I am not sure where that thought comes from but anyway ..

    • Dear Susan,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      Paths are made by putting one foot in front of the other; whether through a muddy passage to the base of a very tall mountain or up the mountain itself. Your footsteps have inspired me: many thanks for that.

      Very affectionately yours,


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